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Madison Vampire Coven reading

One thing I definitely don't do enough of is attend readings by local authors. I intend to remedy this situation, and took my first step tonight by attending a reading by the Madison Vampire Coven, aka (l to r) Alex Bledsoe, Fred Schepertz and Jordan Castillo Price.

They all, of course, write genre fiction, but share a tongue-in-cheek approach. Jordan writes gay-friendly novels and stories. You can check out her PsyCop series at www.psycop.com/. Fred's first novel is called "Vampire Cabbie." Go to www.myspace.com/vampirecabbie for a closer look. Alex has published several novels, the latest of which will be released by Tor on November 10 and is called "Burn Me Deadly." Watch trailers of all his books at www.alexbledsoe.com/. And read these fabulous Madison authors--it's the perfect season for it!

The group's mascot for the reading.

And oh yes--Fred is quite the "shoeman" (ok, you can groan; I am). No really, I am adding his lovely zoot-suit pair to the shoe gallery. But here they are in all their shoely glory:


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Oct. 29th, 2009 04:26 am (UTC)
thanks for the love
Thanks for the love. It was a great reading, but better for your presence, Georgia. It's a great thrill being added to your shoe gallery, and my wife, also named Georgia, she and I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEE the vampire-O-lantern.
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