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Bridget Zinn Auction!!

I'll bet you're itching to donate to an extra-good cause. Like helping someone with stage 4 colon cancer pay for her treatment? If you are a good-hearted person, love to read, love writers and are in a position to help, please visit the Bridget Zinn auction site to bid on a great variety of way cool services and stuff! Bridget is a great person, fab writer and friend. Plus, she's a redhead. How can you resist that combo?

If you would rather give Bridget a gift of cash, please contact me here and I'll tell you how to do that. Meanwhile, visit Bridget's own web site/blog at www.bridgetzinn.com.

And check out the Bridget Zinn auction at www.bridgetzinnauction.wordpress.com.



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May. 8th, 2009 01:52 am (UTC)
Funny, but it took me until just now to put the WisCon you together with the Bridget auction you. Duh!

I've never met Bridget, but I sure do wish her the best. I hope the auction helps.
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