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What's been up

Since I last posted eons ago, I have come up with a handy new reason not to blog. It's called graduate school. That's right, I've joined the masses pursuing their MFAC. Since it is conveniently within a five-hour drive, I chose Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota as my alma mater-to-be. Even though it's a tremendous amount of reading and work, I keep pinching myself, wondering why I didn't do this a lot sooner.

Why am I crazy-happy to be pursuing my degree? What wouldn't you give to sit under the tutelage of such famed writers as Gary Schmidt (yes THE Gary Schmidt)? The lovely Anne Ursu? The talented Marsha Qualey? Kelly Easton? Jackie Briggs Martin? Mary Logue? Liza Ketchum? Phyllis Root? Not to mention such guest speakers as Gene Yang, Deborah Wiles, Elizabeth Partridge, Swati Avasti. And the list goes on. Much to my glee and eager-to-pinch fingers.

This summer I was also named to the board of the Friends of the CCBC. If you have never heard of the CCBC, it is also known as the Cooperative Children's Book Center and is run by the amazing Kathleen Horning. Check out the CCBC at:  www.education.wisc.edu/ccbc/. Serving on the Friends' board has so far proven a wonderful experience. Yes. It. Has. For instance, I got to have dinner with Susan Patron and hear her say "scrotum." In public. Can it get better than that?

I think not. And now you know why I have been lured away from blogging.

Many of you have mourned my recent failure to post photos of kidlit luminaries' shoes. I hang my head in shame. But never fear! A new batch will be winging its way to this site in the near future.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview of the lovely Bridget Zinn, for whom my shoe gallery is named, in some hot red boots. Hot. Red. Boots.

Viva les bottes! And stay tuned for more!


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Feb. 19th, 2011 04:37 pm (UTC)
Those are some serious boots.

Great to hear about the Hamline program. What a lineup!
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